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6 Ways to Engage Employees in Your Social Employer Branding

You are responsible of getting your employees to engage in your company branding. Maybe you have already encouraged your employees to share your social media content? Or maybe you are writing articles about your talented employees? What if you could get your employees to produce the content and engage in social media all by themselves? Here are 6 ways to get your employees to engage in your employer branding and social media content.

Birgitte Alstrøm
  • By: Birgitte Alstrøm
  • Published: 18-12-2015

Your employees have always been the best advocates and ambassadors of your brand, when treated with trust. With social media it has become even easier for your employees to interact with your company brand. Your company is much more transparent, than just a few years ago. When your content is unpolished your target audience is far more likely to trust your employees than what you say in an advertisement. It is time to focus on employee advocacy and engagement.

1. Get buy-in from your senior executives

Maybe you are the lucky one, who already has an excited executive team to support your social media work to increase your employer branding. Or maybe you struggle to get your executive team to empower employee engagement and advocacy on social media.

You will address some tough issues. To change the game, you will go far beyond just having Marketing & Communications or HR to write more articles or take new pictures. You will get buy-in from your critical stakeholders.

Whether Marketing & Communications or HR takes the lead in employer branding fortunately a growing number of CEO’s realize they need to take charge of the employer brand experience.

For sure it always has the greatest power on your employees when your senior executives are role models on social media. At least you need your senior executives to support their employees spending time on personal and employer branding. While you are researching who is the most social media savvy leader in your organization you can start considering how you can pilot different solutions together with that leader and team.

2. Find the employees who want to engage on social media

Make it voluntary for employees to use their personal social media accounts on company content. Anyway you prefer to have the enthusiastic employees on board, who are personally motivated to frequently engage with your target audience.

Spend some time researching your employees on social media. Start by reaching out to the employees already savvy on social media and having the target audience in their social following.

3. Coach your leaders and experts

As a personal branding advisor for executives many leaders talk confidently to me about the risk and concerns they personally experience, when...

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Birgitte Alstrøm

Birgitte, founder of ValueGrower, is an experienced senior leader in digital development, keynote speaker, board member, and employer branding & leadership development consultant. She helps HR & Marketing Communication leaders succeed with their employer branding and leadership development programs and is a sought-after consultant to senior executive teams on digital development projects. 

Birgitte Alstrøm

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