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It always starts with a digital idea

Whether it is flat screen TVs, computers or smartphones Samsung is known for its superior technology. And the new digital possibilities also play an important role in their marketing, where Samsung was the first in Denmark to integrate the new NFC technology in an outdoor campaign. MARKET spoke with Benedicte Howitz Bardram, Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Denmark, to learn about their digital strategy.

  • By: Maria Præst interviews
  • Published: 14-03-2014

Last fall Samsung launched the first NFC-driven campaign in Denmark. They had teamed up with the popular Danish duo Nik & Jay in order to offer the consumers something unique while promoting the Samsung Galaxy S4 brand at the same time. NFC is a new network technology that works wirelessly at short distances. It is already integrated in some Samsung smartphones and it is expected to be huge in 2014. In this campaign Samsung integrated NFC in traditional outdoor posters and billboards allowing passers-by to hold up their smartphone to the poster and instantly listen to songs by Nik & Jay. 

With Facebook as the central digital hub, Samsung also allowed people to shorten the release time of a live-streamed studio session with Nik & Jay, exclusively on Facebook. This was done by tracking each mention of the hashtag #thankyoukindly across social media—for each mention, they cut off a minute of the waiting time. And in just four days, the wait was over ...


“Our digital strategy plays an important role in our overall strategy, because digital has become the focal point in everything we do – it always starts with a digital idea that we then unfold. We create a story that is digitally anchored and uses this to create a flow from digital media to print and retail, so everything is connected.

Our payoff is Always On, so we need to be present on the digital medias at all times as well. While creating technology that makes a different in peoples lives it is very 
important for us to appear as innovative as possible and lead the way by showing that we do things in a new way.”


“We use digital because it is much more dynamic. We can adjust everything very quickly and it is possible to target our communication to a specific target group. We have a very wide target group, but our current communication is targeted younger women. We have a great take on the high-tech-consumers because the technology is so superior at Samsung, but we would like to reach out to the women as well. That’s why we chose Nik & Jay for our latest campaign, but we also use sports and fashion. Digital is just a great way to get into conversation with our target group and create emotional involvement especially through social media.”


“Social media is very important to us, because this is where we communicate directly with our target group. Social media is also fully integrated in all our campaigns, so we are very dedicated to our Samsung Denmark Facebook page. We had a large boost in likes last year so 223.000 people are now liking, sharing and commenting on our posts – and we are constantly striving to give them interesting and unique content. Not only concerning our products but also about the important things in life, where they can take a stand and tell us how they feel. We offer them news, product launches, experiences and competitions that they can’t get anywhere else.” 

Unique content was also the essential point in Samsung’s Nik & Jay campaign, where the possibility to listen to their new songs before everybody else really got people involved. Samsung’s Facebook page got 30.000 new likes and had 2,6 million unique visitors during the campaign period. It was a new way of doing things and according to Benedicte Howitz Bardram you will definitely see more of this from Samsung in the time to come.

Benedicte Howitz Bardram 
Benedicte Howitz Bardram is Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics in Denmark, which is a global leader within electronics such as smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, printers, cameras and LED solutions. Samsung Electronics has more than 286.000 employees in 80 countries with an annual turnover of more than 216,7 billion dollars.

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