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How to maximize the quality of your leads

Generating quality leads is a top priority of most marketing departments in today’s B2B companies. Getting quality leads with a favorable return on investment is a task that entails a long line of different elements that all needs to be working together. This article, however, is not about getting more leads, not about landing page optimization, creating the right sign-up form or about content and ads. This article, however, dives into an issue that lies before all that: how to reach the right people at the right time with your message in order to increase the quality of the leads your website generates.

Glen Hagensen
  • By: Glen Hagensen
  • Published: 19-12-2015

So, you have your product offering, your landing page and your online marketing strategy in place - you even have some ads. Great! What now? How do you make sure that the right people are reading your ads and carefully written content? The following text will take your through the basic, fundamental thoughts behind lead channel optimization.

1)    Define your quality lead

First, you want to define what exactly a quality lead is in your specific situation. If you are unable to answer the question at this point, you need to do some research and really get an understanding of your key customer. Depending on your specific business setup, key influencing factors could be:

  • Personal traits: Interests, job title, age, geographical location, gender, etc.
  • Technical details: Platform, browser, etc. 
  • Behavior: Search history, number of pages visited on your website, time spend on your website, etc. 

All these factors determine the lead quality (the lead score + readiness to buy). For now, we can assume that the more traits of your ideal customer any lead has, the higher the quality. To really get an understanding of your different target audiences, I suggest creating a persona for each of your target audiences that is generalized representation of the ideal visitor to your website. This way you know exactly what you need to look for when targeting your future customers.

2) Find the perfect marketing channels

Once you know the key influencing factors of your perfect lead and have created your personas, you have a solid basis for choosing your online marketing channels and you can now choose the platform that makes it possible for you to target exactly the right audience. All marketing channels offers different levels of segmentation - some in great details, such as job title, age, number of employees, and company name, whereas others only offers few, generic choices such as location or interest. What works the best is very much dependent on your unique situation and you therefore need a method of finding the right channel. I suggest the following approach:

1) Set up a simple table with your requirements for the perfect lead on one axis and list each of the platforms you believe...

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Glen Hagensen

Glen has worked 5 years with lead generation and results tracking through online marketing activities. He is currently the Marketing Manager at Templafy where he is responsible for lead optimization and management of the online marketing channels.

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