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Always in beta

What is the idea behind the category “Experimental” in the new Danish Digital Award? MARKETcommunity has asked chairman of that particular jury, Mads Fuhr from Valtech. His answer is exactly as quick and no-nonsense as he calls for product launches to be.

  • By: Mads Fuhr Frederiksen
  • Published: 11-02-2015

Without the courage to try new things, nothing new will see the light of day. Without companies who are willing to sacrifice, to fail AND to win, we would be poorer when it comes to digital opportunities, creative executions, digitally connected assets, platforms, Internet of Things and lots of other great experiences for the people. Experiences and assets which could become a competitive advantage for companies and a true benefit for the users. This category pays tribute to all those companies – and people – who dare to do different.

Dare to go for it
In essence this category is about identifying those companies and people who have taken chances with a known risk of failure, but have done this through pilot executions. Projects which could potentially become beneficial products, services or tools. Tools, that the consumers will eventually adapt and use in their lives. One example of such a pilot is DropBox, which was launched as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and through simple market tests and adaption patterns it quickly became apparent, that this was more than just a good idea.

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