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Branded Utility - according to Mads Fuhr, Valtech

Digital provides great opportunities for those companies who are willing and able to adapt to constant change. Consumers demand smarter tools, better overview and more control, so when PostDanmark launched Mobilporto it was the most natural extension of their product portfolio. They simply digitalized this service to meet user needs of the new, digital era.

  • By: Mads Fuhr Frederiksen
  • Published: 28-01-2015

By Mads Fuhr Frederiksen, jury chairman in Danish Digital Award for the categories “Branded Utility” and “Experimental”.

Another example of digitalizing product services is of course MobilePay from DanskeBank, which has set a new standard and raised the bar for innovation and user-friendly utilities in Denmark. And yet we still see companies who have not responded to this immediate change and are certain to lose market shares because of it. The return on ignoring (ROI) can be much larger than the return on investment in new product utilities and innovation.

Branded Utilities
In essence branded utilities is about providing new digital tools and services to its customers. Tools which will help, support and enable users to take control, gain insights and greater motivation. If applied correctly, such branded utilities will become a natural extension of people’s daily life.

You need innovative, clear thinking and creative people to come up with that one service, tool or utility which will answer all prayers. And at the same time branded utilities also need to be anchored in the organization and core business, which is why the list of stakeholders can become quite large. Have in mind, that in the end this is all about providing better and more intelligent services to your target groups — with the purpose of extended the customer lifetime cycle and loyalty.

Find the answer within the very core of your business
You can do a lot on your own and with a logic approach to customer service, customer demands and user needs. With this information at hand, you can easily conceptualize the basic of a new branded utility. But you need to allow innovation to grow within your company and to have the right people on the bus, in order to truly come up with something valuable. Look inside your own organization, identify the core offerings and see where/how you can provide even greater services to your customers. Find the match between what your company aims to achieve and what your customers demands from you. Which digital service could fit in that sweet spot and could potentially help customers become even more loyal? The bigger buy-in you can get from management, the greater your chances of succeeding are.

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