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Blogging is also for online stockbrokers

Nordnet started their blog, Nordnetbloggen to get people to share information, experience and tips about investment. In this article the Country Manager at Nordnet Bank AB, Max Gandrup, will explain why a blog for an online stockbroker can affect and be a part of the business.

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  • Published: 19-08-2015

About Nordnet

Nordnet was one of the first to make it possible for private investors in Scandinavia to trade stocks and mutual funds online, back in 1996. They saw – and still see - the Internet as a democratizing tool for private investors. They dramatically lowered the prizes for trading and they turned the traditional trading business upside down. Nordnet want to give private investors the tools that empower them to take control of their own investments.

About Nordnetbloggen

Nordnetbloggen is full of inspiration for private investors. Here our customers can find for an example market analysis from our savings economist and tips on how they get started if they haven’t invested before. Customers also have the opportunity to share their own experiences on investment, which can be helpful to others, who is considering investing.

Nordnetbloggen's purpose

Many customers have realized that everyone, in the end, is on their own when it comes to savings in stocks and funds. Many of them have listened to advice from their bank on what to invest in, but the trust has been scorned in the recent years. Nordnet do not pretend that they know what our customers should invest in, and they have no interest in advising them to choose one security over another.

However, Nordnet found out that, their customers want knowledge, tips and inspiration, but without hidden agendas. Nordnet describe Nordnetbloggen as one of their answers to that need.

Targets set for Nordnetbloggen

Nordnet set the target, that they wanted so many visitors that it would equal 10 % of those who visit every month. They achieved that in 2013, so then they set the target at 12 %. The traffic to has more than doubled during the last 12 months to between 200.000 and 250.000 unique visitors.

Nordnetbloggen has almost 20.000 unique visitors a month on their blog. Nordnet have until now only focused on stats like unique visitors, but they are aware that the measure has become less interesting today, when people as a rule have several devices. Therefore, they have just implemented a cookie-based solution that will make it possible for them to measure cross channel on a user level, so if the customer come back in some months, then Nordnet will probably know.

Content of Nordnetbloggen

Nordnetbloggen want their readers to feel empowered. So the more they know and understand, the easier it is for them to take control of their own savings. It often feels more secure to decide yourselves what stocks or funds to buy or sell on from knowledge that you have gathered yourself, than from what your bank told you to do.

Nordnetbloggen put a lot of effort into driving traffic to the blog and if the bloggers write about stuff that interest private investors, then it is quite easy to boost traffic. They’re mainly market the blog by linking to the latest articles from, their newsletters and social media.

Is blogging for online stockbrokers?

It is a good way to build a relation with your customers. If people have a relation to you, it’s more likely that they will come back in the shop again and again. However, don’t think that they sit out there waiting for your CEO to brag about your numbers, or that they are interested in his thoughts about leadership and company values. They will only visit your blog in great numbers if you give them something, which are valuable to them and not to your company.

In Nordnetbloggen’s case it has affected their business, because the blog now is an integrated part of their offer. When Nordnet ask their customers to evaluate them, a significant part of them mention the blog and other sources of inspiration that they offer as a reason for being a customer at Nordnet. Nordnet has achieved what they wanted with Nordnetbloggen so far.

How to build relationships through blogging

Nordnet’s experience is that you first and foremost should look upon it in a different way. Blogging is an effective way to build a relation to your customers and to offer them something of actual value. 

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Max Gandrup

Max is the Country Manager at Nordnet Bank AB.

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