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How blogging is an investment in relationship building

Is blogging for everyone and what does it really take? MARKET talked to the Danish consultancy company, Manto, about their blog named MANTOMANTO. Anna Porse Nielsen, who’s the CEO of Manto, answered some questions about everything from why they started a blog to the pros and cons of building and managing a business blog. Anna also gave some advises she has gained from her experiences with MANTOMANTO.

  • By: Anna Porse Nielsen
  • Published: 19-08-2015

What is the idea behind your blog, MANTOMANTO?

It’s a platform, where we share our thoughts on all the stuff we come across, which doesn’t end up in reports and analytical papers. It’s kind of our more personal communication to our clients.

What was the reason for launching a blog for your company?

Basically we did it because we just really felt like it. It was driven by the urge to share thoughts and to give something back, which was not part of a client – consultant relationship. Off course we also did it to have a platform, where we market ourselves and our services, because we try to write blog posts that are interesting and give an impression of Manto as an excellent consultancy.

Which goals did you set for your blog?

The goals have mainly been quantitative – to post something once a month and we take turns writing. In terms of what we want to achieve is all about branding and creating awareness of Manto through the sharing of content and thoughts. We don’t measure this but we experience a growing awareness and we are sometimes quoted in new places because of the blog.

How do you ensure that people will read your blog?

When we post something, we also post on Mantos Facebook page, on our personal Facebook-pages, on my LinkedIn and Twitter account. And we can see that most of the traffic comes through Facebook and the subscribers.

We hope to give the readers some content and value by giving them knowledge and insight and maybe also inspiration.

Do you think blogging is an effective marketing tool for a business?

Yes and no.

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Anna Porse Nielsen

Anna is the CEO of Manto A/S, which is a consultancy, specialized in business and industry development within creative and cultural industries as well as tourism. Manto A/S advises on both policy level and on business level and our clients are everything from ministries, regional and municipal bodies, industry association, cultural institutions and creative startups and established companies.

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