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How to launch a successful Business Blog

My Boss Said Yes To The Blog: What Do I Do Now? In this article, the president of Riverside Marketing strategies, Heidi Cohen, will explain you step by step how to launch a successful blog for your workplace.

  • By: Heidi Cohen
  • Published: 19-08-2015

For many brides, selecting their wedding dress is the key to their plans for the big day. It’s so big that there’s a television reality show called, “Say Yes To The Dress.” Your business blog is the wedding dress of your organization’s content marketing strategy.

I never got the wedding dress hoopla until I bought mine. Being practical, I figured a nice cocktail dress would be fine and save me a bundle of money. But wedding dresses like blogs aren’t about being practical. They’re about your heart and soul. Fortunately, my girlfriends came to my rescue when I was still without a dress 3 months before the big day.

The result: I purchased a true champagne colored wedding dress by Jenny Latham, one of Kate Middleton’s go-to British designers, at a sample sale. More importantly the dress transformed how I thought about my wedding.

My wedding dress was the jewel at the center of our wedding. Setting the tone, the dress connected all of the many wedding elements and details together. Like my wedding dress, your organization’s blog should be at the center of your content marketing strategy. A successful business blog connects the rest of your content marketing and makes it shine.

Recently a friend who’s the head of marketing for his firm wrote, “For years you’ve urged me to blog for my organization and we finally have the resources to do it. Can you advise me as to current best practices and whatever else you think is important?”

My friend understands that he needs a plan based on best business blogging practices to succeed. This is a challenge many businesses face. I believe this is why blogging is declining among Inc 500 firms according to UMass Dartmouth research.

How to launch a successful business blog

Here’s the 5 step business blogging framework you need to launch a successful business blog:

1. Build your blog strategy

Integrate your blog into your overall marketing, content marketing and social media strategies and plans. In larger organizations, you need to bring a diverse group of stakeholders and area experts together. If you have trouble getting everyone to participate, start with the people you have until you show success.

Your objective at this point is to ensure your blog supports your organization by enhancing its brand, attracting traffic and customers, and building thought leadership.

To ensure your blog doesn’t create redundant content and effort, audit your organization’s content to determine what’s still useful, what needs to updated or removed, and what content is missing.

1. Determine your blog’s objectives. Answer these questions: ”Why do we need a blog?” and “How do we expect our business to change as a result of this effort?” Make your objectives as specific as possible to yield measurable results. “Improve our branding,” for example, isn’t sufficient.

2. Define your target audience. To this end, create a marketing persona and a social media persona. Your blog doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all. If your key constituents are diverse, create multiple blogs.

3. Assess how your blog will integrate with your other marketing plans. This includes your existing content marketing, communications (both internal and external), email newsletters, website, social media, PR, and other related marketing initiatives.

4. Check how your blog will interact with your website and other marketing technology. You will probably need technology support. Check with your tech and website teams. A blog is a simplified CMS (content management system) designed around a publishing model.

2. Create content strategy

There’s more to blog content than just writing posts as they occur to you. Blogging like any other media entity requires consistency for content creation and publishing.

1. Select or modify your brand for your blog. Think 360° brand. Here’s a list of 31 blog design elements for your blog. This includes fonts, colors, image use and other factors.

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Heidi Cohen

Heidi is the president of Riverside Marketing Strategies, and an actionable marketing consultancy. Heidi has over 20 years of experience simplifying the complex concepts behind evolving marketing challenges. Heidi has worked with major clients like The New York Times and Cheap Tickets as well as smaller businesses and start-ups. Heidi is the Chief Content Officer of Actionable Marketing Guide

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