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Why blogs can be more effective than traditional media

MarketCommunity has talked with the CEO of Bloggers Delight, Henrik Akselbo, about what the bloggers and the companies can gain from blogging. - How bloggers can turn their blog into a moneymaker and how blogging can be a great communication platform for companies.

Henrik Akselbo
  • By: Henrik Akselbo
  • Published: 07-10-2015

About Bloggers Delight

Bloggers Delight is a technology media company. They run three blog networks, Bloggers Delight, Looklab and Blog Splash. They offer a 360 degrees solution for premium blogs. This means that Bloggers Delight offer a state-of-art blogging platform, where they have a monetization model helping the bloggers generate revenue on their blogs. The platform also includes a traffic generator helping the bloggers attract more visitors. Furthermore, they offer workshops and network events for the bloggers. Their goal is that the bloggers can focus on their passion, which is to generate great content for their bloggers followers. 

Bloggers Delight has around 1 million unique visitors a month across their network, i.e. amount of blog readers. They have around 70.000 blogs created on their self-service platform within the last 3 years. And they have around 260 premium blogs, which are the bloggers that they have a commercial contract with, and to whom they help generate income on their blogs. 

Why people blog

The prime motivation varies from individual to individual. But the most successful bloggers have started their blog because they have something they want to share with the world, and because it’s a passion and a hobby for them. E.g. they love cooking and therefore they want to help others and share their recipes. Many also see their blog as a creative space where they can express themselves.

The Internet has created a platform for everyone to share his or her thoughts and passions with everyone. This is a great democratizing development. Many people rather want to share their thoughts with likeminded individuals, rather than with corporate media organizations. For instance, the huge success of fashion blogs has proved that many people rather want to receive fashions tips from someone like themselves, rather than from a distanced fashion editor, who they cannot relate to.

People have always wanted to share their interests with likeminded, and having a blog enables you to be part of a community. The media landscape is becoming more and more niche-oriented. This means readers seek for specific content. This opens up for a variety of potential successful niche blogs and websites. However, Bloggers Delight’s experiences show that it’s important for the niche blogs to be part of a bigger network, where they can share resources with other members. Because it’s impossible for a single niche blog or website to have all the necessary resources in-house, which are necessary to compete with bigger media organizations, especially on a small market like Denmark. This is one of the reasons that Bloggers Delight exists. They gather these extremely competent individual bloggers and generate economies of scale, enabling the bloggers to compete with traditional media, because they have build an infrastructure, including a tech platform, a traffic generator and a revenue generator. 

Blogging as a Marketing discipline 

There’re several reasons why it’s becoming interesting for more and more brands to spend part of their marketing budget on campaigns on blogs. First of all, as a brand you need to be present on the platforms where your target group is spending time. More and more people read blogs. In Denmark alone, some of the most successful blogs can have more than 100,000 readers a month. Bloggers Delight has more than 100 blogs, with more than 10,000 readers a month. This means that many blogs actually have a larger audience than traditional medias. So why pay a certain price for e.g. a page in a printed food magazine, if you can reach more people in the same target group at a lower price, on a great food blog? 

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Henrik Akselbo

Henrik is the CEO of Bloggers Delight and part of the team that founded the company in 2011. Henrik is also co-founder of the European event community and ticketing platform Billetto. In 2012 Bloggers Delight won the award 'Årets Kriseknuser 2012' (Crisis Crusher) and in 2013 Biletto won the award 'Årets Væksteventyr 2013' (Growth adventure of the Year) at the annual Danish growth awards hosted by IVÆKST. Before co-founding Billetto and Bloggers Delight, Henrik has studied at Copenhagen Business School and worked with digital entrepreneurship and business development in Denmark and the US, for the Freeway group.

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