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The evolving marketing department

Marketing is an ever-changing field. Never more so than right now. Not only is marketing changing at a faster pace than ever before, but now, the way the marketing departments themselves are structured is changing. Depending on the CMO, that can be either a real benefit or a challenge.

Bo Ekkelund
  • By: Bo Ekkelund
  • Published: 27-12-2015

The future marketing department may not be a department in the traditional sense. No weekly group meetings, no regular briefing of the creative agency and a marketing department that is significantly smaller than it was just a few years ago.

That, however, doesn’t mean that marketing is getting any less important. Marketing is simply evolving – and is no longer confined by the office.

We are already seeing it in Silicon Valley. Start-ups are increasingly hiring people from across the globe – inviting them to work from home – instead of asking them to work in the office. And it makes perfect sense. Several studies have already shown that productivity increase 30-40% when working from home. It also makes for a more flexible work/life balance and empowers the employees to take more responsibility of their work. They are now being measured solely on the work they produce and not hours in the office. Some companies even offers unlimited holiday for their employees. As long as you produce what is expected, you are free to work whenever you want, wherever you want and how little or much you want.

It is the evolving workplace.

Challenges and benefits

For the traditional CMO, who may be used to weekly team meetings around table or hovering around the team to give his/hers input, this may take some getting used to. Briefing or even hiring remote workers also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Some might even find it difficult trusting employees to work without direct supervision. Some CMO’s might also feel that his/hers powers lies in the number of employees under their command. For those, the change is going to be hard.

But for the adaptable CMO, the change also comes with big benefits. For one, employees will be happier. They have more freedom, and can work where(ever) they want. This makes for more productive employees and employees who takes more ownership. Flexible working conditions are quickly becoming the latest employee retention strategy and a key component in attracting Generation Y’s. 

Another benefit of a marketing organization...

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Bo Ekkelund

Bo has over 15 years’ experience in SaaS and enterprise technology marketing, working in both the UK, US as well as Denmark. Based in Copenhagen, Bo has been named one of Denmark’s top talents by Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin. He has worked for companies ranging from 20 to 6.000 employees with roles including regional and global marketing, channel marketing and development as well as sales management. Bo also maintains a blogs at

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