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Content Strategy – more than just a buzzword!

Content strategy as a buzzword has been around for some years now and professionals inside marketing and communications globally have swiftly adapted to the fact that without a clever content strategy, you run the risk of spreading your core messages uncoordinated, unaligned with your brand and simply not as effectively. The main reason though why content strategy is not just a buzzword is the simple fact that it makes good sense - the idea of not being able to coordinate, plan and distribute your content according to strategic decisions and using the tools provided to us by our digital age, for me, is just outdated and absurd.

Casper Forsström
  • By: Casper Forsström
  • Published: 01-09-2016

For professionals in the industry, it is redundant to discuss the importance of having a content strategy. But for the management teams outside the uninitiated spheres of the marketing and communications departments, it may seem as a pure waste of time and resources. Will a content plan increase sales? Will it drive innovation and business development?

It might do just that, provided you handle it the right way. But first and foremost, it will make you a relevant content contributor for your target audiences. It will tap directly into your purpose and brand identity, and it will actually save time and resources for communication and marketing as it increases both coordination of communication activities, brand alignment and your ability to listen to your customers or clients.

But in order to make a proper content strategy, you need to first put emphasis on the word strategy.

A Strategic choice

Working with a content strategy involves much more than the exercises related to production, planning and distribution of content. It entails a far more focused way of thinking content in terms of relevance and accessibility. For B2B marketers, it is much more than just creating thought leadership and sharing it with the organization’s network. And for B2C organizations it implies more than marketing a product to a specific segment or by using mass communication. Content strategy is a strategic choice that should support the overall business goals and help shape and design the perceived persona of the brand/organization the specific content piece represents.

In order to achieve this it is important to take the right preliminary steps towards a content strategy.

Usually, organizations tend to think content marketing and, subsequently, content strategy isolated from other strategic tools that may or may not have been developed already. Too often, we want to start with sharing content without having worked out the basics.

The journey to an effective content strategy could look like this:

First: You need to lay a strong foundation, and ideally this is your brand strategy. This comes first as it defines your identity, purpose and target groups. Without this you are nothing and have nothing to communicate. An empty shell without a soul.

Second: The strategic choices about how to unfold the core story into messages that support the purpose and reach the defined ...

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Casper Forsström

Casper er kommunikationskonsulent for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA med ansvar for den engelske kommunikation og har tidligere arbejdet med kommunikation og marketing for Nykredit og KPMG. Særlige fokusområder har været udvikling af content på tværs af kanaler og integrerede kampagner samt rådgivning og kommunikationsstrategier.

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