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A Digital Strategy with True Purpose

How should you approach working with your digital strategy and how does it play together with your overall business strategy? How does it promote purpose?

Casper Forsström
  • By: Casper Forsström
  • Published: 08-12-2016

The digitally connected, modern world offers an infinite range of possibilities for brands to interact with their target audiences. In an ever-changing reality with new tech buzzwords emerging almost on a daily basis, it is practically impossible to be focused, present and truly relevant delivering real, measurable value through an omni-channel marketing strategy.


The key to success is focus, and to acknowledge the fact that you cannot be “everything for everybody”. You need to segment your target audiences and deliver relevant messages to individuals, rather than customers, and let them decide what they want to tap into – how they want to engage with your brand.

In that sense, digital is not just automation; a way to save human resources, or IT; the tools to support your business, or even marketing; how you market your products. It is the platform on which you interact with the world. It is the prerequisite for all communication. And that is why focus is vital: If you have a strategy for interacting with your audience, you need to take strategic choices about how to communicate with whoever generates your revenue; where to be present and where not to be present.

With an abundance of channels and infinite choices, you need to be able to create value through focus.

Business or digital strategy?

Your digital marketing strategy is much more than...

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Casper Forsström

Casper er kommunikationskonsulent for Ingeniørforeningen, IDA med ansvar for den engelske kommunikation og har tidligere arbejdet med kommunikation og marketing for Nykredit og KPMG. Særlige fokusområder har været udvikling af content på tværs af kanaler og integrerede kampagner samt rådgivning og kommunikationsstrategier.

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