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The utilities embraces mobile technology

Mobile technology has made a permanent impact on both business and consumers. This also applies to the utilities that offers a vast range of apps for both customers, professionals and investors. Now more than ever we use apps on our smartphones and tablets to be in touch and connected to our surroundings, whether it’s for personal use, work or hobbies. It’s therefore wise to think about how mobile technology can add the right value to your business. Content should be accessible and easy to use whilst still being a useful tool in our whereabouts. The utility sector is the perfect example of an industry that exhibits a variety of features that mobile technology can embrace.

Nanna Nørskov Boxill
  • By: Nanna Nørskov Boxill
  • Published: 09-02-2017

268 billion app downloads in 2017

The opportunities that mobile technology offers is taken seriously by utilities around the world, and for good reason. The utilities delivers crucial services to people across the globe in various ways and the industry can benefit from the large potential that lies in apps and their capacity. A Gartner survey shows that the amount of downloaded apps is expected to reach an astonishing total of 268 billion during 2017, which makes mobile technology an area to keep a close eye on.

Tendencies and trends in utilities’ apps

At Nodes, we have studied and made a report of the top 50 apps offered by utility companies on the App Store and Play Store. Our research on apps supplied from the utilities shows that the range of apps within the utilities category can be further subcategorized into these four groups:

  • Utility end-users (customers)
  • Investors
  • Professionals
  • Internal purposes (employees)

Within the above mentioned subcategories, our research lead us to define 5 global trends in the utility sectors apps:

  1. Customer Self-Service
  2. Communication Platform
  3. Loyalty & Promotion Products
  4. Optimisation of Internal Processes
  5. Training Tools for Staff & Employees

Why utilities’ apps are valuable

Apps in the 5 global trends for the utility sector are beneficial in different ways. What applies to all is that they are both informative and engaging. So, in what way and for whom do these 5 global utility app trends create value? Below, we have given a brief insight into each of these trend categories:

Customer Self-Service apps are useful for both the utility company and the customer, as Self-Service can lower costs, improve productivity and lead to a more personalised and profitable customer experience.

Apps can also be used as a Communication Platform, providing general tools and features for the customers. The companies can generate leads for their sales team from the information this creates as well.

Through apps, companies can build Loyalty & Promotion Products  towards their customers by offering extra services, unique offers and the possibility of collecting points. This is another way of using apps as an enhancement tool of the company’s services and products.

Apps can also be used for Internal ProcessOptimisation  to release their ...

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Nanna Nørskov Boxill

Nanna has worked for more than four years as a project manager and has been engaged in implementation of digital services such as iOS and Android applications, primarily in the newspaper industry. Nanna is part of the Project Management team at Nodes placed in the Aarhus Department. She has managed a range of different app projects from concept to launch on both the App Store and Play Store.

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