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Increase Conversion with Video Content in the App Stores

The way we consume mobile content is rapidly developing. Today, we take our information on the go. And making users want to stay longer is key to marketeers in this mobile era. Enter video content, which has proven to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. When it comes to making sure your mobile site or app gets the attention it needs, video is also an efficient way of securing higher conversion and drive more organic downloads. Here, you get Mobtimizers tips to making video work in the App Stores.

Brian Egerup Kjærulff
  • By: Brian Egerup Kjærulff
  • Published: 15-05-2017

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million. A video done right can be priceless. According to eMarketer’s latest report, adults in the US spend over 12 hours a day consuming media: The proliferation of apps is clearly a factor in this increase. More and more of the digital universe is designed to cater to smartphones, and this often takes the form of apps. Videos are captivating, and allow us to convey more content and deliver it quicker than written format. 

Getting an App Preview Video (iOS) or Play Store Video (Google Play) right is a challenge. But it’s critical for App Store Optimization (ASO). The value you get from having a good video is not merely conversion improvement - it’s also an increase in Lifetime Value (LTV).

At Mobtimizers our main focus is on mobile and apps (ASO), engagement and strategy. Over the years, we have made it our business to aid brands all over the world engage people through technology - whether it is by helping them realize and develop their mobile strategy or optimize and market their presence in the App Stores.

Today, 65% of all apps are found through organic searches in the App Stores. Every single app competes with more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store alone. So to stand out, an app needs to be helped along. The foundation for competitive App Store presence is ASO - App Store Optimization. This has become a critical part of an app’s success, and this is our speciality at Mobtimizers. Within ASO there are several things you can do to optimize upon your App Store presence. One tool you can use is video.

Adding video to your app store page

Both Google Play and Apple App Store offer developers the ability to show highlights from the app within App Stores. Users want bite-sized entertainment that allows them to quickly and effortlessly “get” what your app is about. And visitors who engage with your video have more potential of becoming high value users that boast stronger KPIs. Today, developing video content for app previews is on the rise in the app business - for the simple reason that adding video content drives engagement. 

At Mobtimizers we have worked intensively with App Store Video trailers for a number of clients - and we have tested the effects in the process through experiments and A/B testing. For one client we secured a 13% better conversion rate adding a video trailer to their App Store product page.

So, based on our experience we will share our tips on how to create great App Store video trailers that convert:

Be sharp

The App Store video is the first display a potential user will meet - it is similar to placing the first screenshot in the app’s product page, with the added option to further captivate your user’s attention. This is your chance to make that all important first impression. Make sure it is an impression that lasts.

Creating an App Store video requires communication skills. Ideally, your preview frame should convey the essence of the app. The video is strictly limited to 30 seconds, so the entire message and the value propositions, content and features of your app need to be communicated within that limited time frame. Even though Google Play allows more time for your video, it’s best to ...

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Brian Egerup Kjærulff

Mobtimizers is a strategic consultancy and mobile agency based in New York City and Copenhagen. We are specialized in mobile strategy, marketing, analysis and optimization of mobile web and apps. Our mission is to help businesses improve their mobile web and apps. Founded in 2014 by Brian Egerup Kjærulff, who has 15 years of experience with management- and training within digital- and mobile strategies, analysis and optimization and Peter Munch Godtfredsen, who has worked the last 10 years as a digital strategist - developing, designing, coding and building solutions for clients on web, social media and mobile platforms.

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